From Engineering to Jewelry Design throughout all my life

Once I was an electrical engineer. Then he headed the responsible department as an accountant. But the passion to create something with my own hands did not leave me.
And I could not resist. I started buying different courses, learning from different people, learning on my own. For one year I even worked in a bead shop for free. Just to learn how to work with beads, what beads are, what types there are and how to create something from them.
My husband, with whom we have been together for 48 years, could not stand it and told me: "Do not suffer, just start." And he gave me the first floor of our house so that I could set up my studio there.
And with all the books, threads, needles, beads and tools, I went downstairs and just started doing, as my husband told me.
He's a wonderful person. It's very hard to live with creative people. After all, they are unpredictable. And for this I will be grateful to him to the end.
And then another life began. In the morning I go downstairs and create, create, create ...
Recently, my business consultant advised me to finally write who I am in the "about me" column. “Tell people what you can. People will understand and support you. "She said.
This is how my shop appeared on Etsy.
My parents always told me: "Be humble, lower your head." This is why it is so difficult to write about yourself.

I will write what I am doing:
1. Beading
2. Mala beads for spiritual and energy practices.
3. Working with silver
4. Polymer clay
5. Embroidery
6. Fabric dyeing
7. Sewing headbands and harem pants
8. Knitting
9. Bohemian jewelry.
10.Kumihimo jewelry
I am constantly finding new techniques for making jewelry. I really want to find new forms of color and metal combinations. The world is very diverse, and each of us brings our own vision to it.
I want to bring joy into your life. Small gifts that we give ourselves and our loved ones, illuminate our lives and give pleasure.
I want to wish all people health in our difficult times, happiness and patience from my studio in the distant mountains of Israel. I wish all people to love each other and nature.
Take care of your loved ones and raise wonderful children, who will take care of our planet after us.
With love,
Marina Naftaly

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