12 ways to recognize if you’re a Boho stylist !!!

The original and laid-back style of Boho in the interior attracts more and more fans (especially female fans) all over the world. Usually, these are creative and freedom-loving people. The philosophy of Boho is quite simple: it preaches for creative expression and freedom from prejudice and rules. 

But do not rush headlong for fashion.

Ask yourself: is “bohemian design” is right for me and my house?

Is my style is a Boho style Here is a small test that contains 12 signs for a Boho Fan.

It will help recognize the signs.

Your style is Boho, if …

  • You know all the flea markets in your city and not only, but you will also find them in any country with your eyes closed. However, any other designer boutique that is even near your house you don’t feel comfortable in it.
  • You have more indoor flowers than furniture …
  • You love dealing with these plans, you have tied all the pots for plants with your own hands. In extreme cases, it was your mother (sister, mother-in-law).
  • You can distinguish Crochet from Macrame, Patchwork from Quilting, Vitrage from Decoupage .and with pleasure Also you might find yourself knitting colored Rugs from old painted shirts to your doorstep…
  • You love Shabby Chic Jeans and Oriental Ornaments on your nails.
  • You prefer low mattresses and high canopies, which creates a special comfort.
  • You have a Table lamp from an Egyptian little store, a Vase from Paris.
  • You carefully store old photographs and family values (even if it’s the rusty great-grandmother’s iron).
  • There are a few stacks of thick books on the floor.
  • Your clothes are made of natural fabrics, that feels so good on your body.
  • You easily combine 2-3 or even 4 styles together without considering what would people say about your fashion style.
  • Your house atmosphere is so relaxing and inviting that you find yourself having a friend over if it’s for drinks or for a deep conversation.
Did you recognize yourself? Are you a Boho stylist?
You can announce the world now that your home is not just a creative mess, but a fashionable style of the interior decor. Let your imagination free and trust your instincts! Just remember: creating a truly cozy atmosphere with a touch of Boho style is not so easy as it seems. It requires exceptionally good taste and a sense of proportion.                                                                                                                           

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