5 types of our favorite headbands

Do you think I will persuade you to wear a headband? No way!
Personally, I wear a headband for not to color the grayed hair roots in front. It’s very convenient by the way.
I’m waiting for my hair to become all white. Then I will look like Sarah-Jane Adams.
Well, this was a joke, of course. Now let's talk about the headbands. I won’t even try to enumerate all the names of this garment of any self-respecting fashionable woman.
I want to show you only those kinds of headbands that I sew myself.
Let’s start from the beginning.

1. An ordinary wide headband. I sew it from soft jersey so that the folds of fabric sit well on my head and do not interfere. Cut out the rectangle from the appropriate fabric. The length is the size of your head. Stitch it using a sewing machine and turn it out face up. That's all.

2. A wide headband without folds. I don’t really like simple headbands. Although they are very good at doing sports. But... as they say, to each his own. My hands are itching to decorate this headband. In the photo, you can see what I did to it. I added felt flowers which I made myself to decorate the boring headband. I will try to make a separate lesson about this.

If you do not really want to fiddle with felting, you can simply cut out beautiful shapes from the ready-made felt. Also, I make buttons from polymer clay.

3. Headband with a bow. Far not everyone likes to tinker with wool. That is the simplest option.
By the way, it is the most flirtatious. Sew a headband and just tie a bow.

4. Well, now comes my favorite crossed headband

To create such a headband, you will need the following elements:
- 2 rectangles - 43 cm*12cm – these are 2 crossing strips
- elastic band - 9-10 cm*2 cm
- 1 rectangle of a different color fabric - 15 cm*2.5 cm

For such a headband you need only your imagination. Two crossed parts can be decorated up to your taste - embroidery, applique. There are no limits.
This headband is made of Indian velvet. The wrong side is a simple jersey. Try to always sew the wrong side out using a soft, hair-friendly material. You can see their embroidery with plain beads, which were at hand.

5. And the last example of the headband, which I want to talk about today. This is the headband made of the wide embroidered braid. I buy it ready. From them, you can make really good headbands. It’s very beautiful and authentic.

I do not want to stop talking about headbands. In the coming articles, I will try to talk about other headband types.

Promise me, our readers, that you will at least try to fit on such a necessary, beautiful, bright and coquettish fashion accessory.

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