DIY Patchwork Scarf

In an age when we buy endlessly, and piles of clothes and fashion accessories pile up in our home. We already moved clothes forward and gave to those who cannot have the capacity and still, we find ourselves with clothes that are left behind - a beautiful torn shirt, faded jeans, a T-shirt that we grew out of it or a dress that was no longer fashionable.

In a burst of creativity from this pile of fabrics comes a new creation.

The new product we happily devote to the patchwork and we invite you to create within a few hours a beautiful new colorful patchwork scarf.

Let's randomly collect fabrics that will eventually be combined into this beautiful colorful patchwork scarf.

Materials and Tools

  • Pieces of different fabrics in different colors and quality.
  • Jersey or cotton fabric for the inner side of the scarf 20cm (7.874") *150cm (59.055")
  • Pattern paper
  • Scissors
  • Ruler
  • Fabric marker or a pencil
  • A sewing needle
  • A sewing thread
  • An iron
  • A sewing machine

Work Stages

  1. Make a pattern out of a paper. Mark a rectangle of 20cm (7.874") * 150cm (59.055")

 2. Before anything else, please iron properly all fabric pieces with a hot iron it will be easier to cut out the patches. Cut all the pieces of rectangular shape so it will be easier to sew them together.
Choose different sizes of the patches.

However, if sewing is your new activity, I do not recommend using different fabrics yet. Let’s leave it for the next item.
The scarf in the picture is made of cotton, velvet, chiffon, and textile fabric.
Put all pieces along with the pattern, arrange them in the way you like. 

   Don't forget – this is YOUR artwork.

 3. Sew up all the pieces in the same order as you laid them on the pattern. Stitch them on the sewing machine, leaving 2-3mm (0.0078"-0.1182"). 


It is different – isn’t it? And it will, of course, take you some time to do it, but if you want to differentiate yourself from your friends, it is a good idea. Just invent such a pattern that will be only yours.

 4. Align your scarf to our size 20 cm (7.874") *150cm(59.055") using a ruler.



5. You should iron your scarf on the front and inners sides with a hot iron. Pay special attention to all stitches. 


 6. Place the cotton fabric of the inner side next to the prepared front part of the scarf.


 7. Before you use the sewing machine, in order to see that both the scarf and the inner side straight stitch them together along the sides with a thread and a needle.


Now you can use either the overlock machine or the sewing machine. Then we can turn the scarf on the front side. After you turn your scarf on the front side, iron all stitches properly with a hot iron. 


Finishing your scarf is up to you I sewed a zig-zag band in, but it is your decision how it would look

You can add Tassels.

You can tie it at the end.

You can leave it just sewed, However,

You would like it to be!!! 



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