Harem Pants and Boho Style – are they connected?

Let’s talk a little bit about what kind of style is it? It appeared in bohemian circles and nowadays with a huge success it took its place in the collections of famous designers. This style is bright and inimitable. You need to be brave enough to adhere to this style.

After all, in the city streets, such people differ from others. And at the same time, one has to try not to look ridiculous. You need to have very good taste and a sense of proportion. Again, you can mix everything in the Boho style – expensive and cheap, colorful and plain, Eastern and European, old and new, and even things you’ve made yourself.

You can discover talents that were hidden beyond the “so it should be.” You can finally gain freedom and express everything that has accumulated inside you. After all, there are no restrictions in Boho. Red with green, round with a square, funny with sad. The most important thing is not to stop, not to let the surrounding society affect you again. You were not born that way. Little children know how to laugh and cry at the same time, eat sweet and sour together. And only we, adults, are limited by our self-created laws.


There has been written a lot about the way this style appeared. We will not talk about that. We just want to show you all its versatility.

Try to make a tiny step to something new. Yes, it is hard. So what?

To begin with – harem trousers – these are wide pants with an extremely low crotch positioning. The movements in them are so free that they can be used in yoga and dancing, worn when going on long journeys.


Modern fashion borrowed these pants from eastern countries.

Despite the fact that they appealed to the taste of a large number of fashionable women of different ages and build, there are still a lot of those who feel obvious antipathy toward them.

Undoubtedly, not everyone dares to wear such trousers, as you need to have some inner freedom and a fair amount of humor. It’s not for nothing that they say: Boho style is clothes for those having free spirit!

We still advise you to get a better look at them. There are many different variations of the trousers’ cut in the style of Boho-, Afghani, Zouave … and among this variety, one can choose according to his taste and body type.


Try wearing your harem pants only at home, at the end of the week. And you will understand how comfortable and aesthetic it is.

Thin people can wear harem pants on hips with short tops.

People who are overweight can wear them with a loose tunic or blouse.

Harem pants can be sewn from different fabrics. It depends on your taste. They can be made either using knitted fabrics, or natural ones – cotton, flax.

Pants in the Boho style are nice to the body, they are pleasant to touch. They can be with or without pockets, on elastic bands and without any. There is no end to your imagination.

We want to show you how beautiful and colorful the world is. Further on, we will continue talking about it.

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