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Harem Pants and Boho Style – are they connected?

Let’s talk a little bit about what kind of style is it? It appeared in bohemian circles and nowadays with a huge success it took its place in the collections of famous designers. This style is bright and inimitable. You need to be brave enough to adhere to this style. After all, in the city streets, such people differ from others. And at the same time, one has to try not to look ridiculous. You need to have very good taste and a sense of proportion. Again, you can mix everything in the Boho style – expensive and cheap, colorful and plain, Eastern and European, old and new, and even things you’ve made yourself. You can discover talents that were...

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12 ways to recognize if you’re a Boho stylist !!!

The original and laid-back style of Boho in the interior attracts more and more fans (especially female fans) all over the world. Usually, these are creative and freedom-loving people. The philosophy of Boho is quite simple: it preaches for creative expression and freedom from prejudice and rules.  ut do not rush headlong for fashion. Ask yourself: is “bohemian design” is right for me and my house? Is my style is a Boho style Here is a small test that contains 12 signs for a Boho Fan. It will help recognize the signs. Your style is Boho, if … You know all the flea markets in your city and not only, but you will also find them in any country with your...

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