What is Mala and how to create Mala – Step by Step

“Mala” or Malas (also called mala beads or prayer beads) in Sanskrit means “garland”.

Since ancient times they are being used in Hinduism and Buddhism to practice during pray or meditate.

Traditionally, a mala is a string of 108 beads that are symbolic in many ways.

Why 108? for many reasons but here are 2:

-it is said that there are 108 energy lines that converge to form the heart chakra.
-it is said that there are 108 Indian Goddess names.

And like we said – there are more.

Despite the total number of beads, mala may be of different designs.  Mala is a string of 108 beads, “headed” by the 109th bead, called Guru-Bid. They can range from 16, 27, 54 or 108 beads.

What is Mala made of?

Traditionally a mala is made of Rudraksha, Sandalwood, or Pure Clear Quartz, in most cases, it is very simple. Now we can find a variety of beautiful combinations that provide support and benefit for our modern daily life and the stresses we encounter. For a Yoga practitioner, Rudraksha and Clear Quartz are the most valuable, known to enhance and support Spiritual development. Pearl and coral are also considered very important.

Why use mala?

When it is difficult for us to calm the mind, it helps to focus attention on practice. It is a much-needed “anchor” in these situations, not allowing the mind to wander. It also makes it possible to keep an easy calculation of mantras, or breaths …

Who can wear it?

Mala itself is used in yoga practice, cleansing chakras, or as part of the image in the Boho-style. It can be worn by anyone who needs a more conscious, quiet life.

How to make your own Mala :

Material :

  • 108 Wooden beads 6 mm in diameter
  • 3  Marker beads
  • Bead-separator diameter larger than the other beads with three holes (can be any material)
  • Guru-bead (we used DZI Bead)
  • Silk Cord
  • Crochet hook
  • Scissors
  • Glue

     1. String all 108 beads on the silk cord.

      Every 27 beads string 1 Marker bead for separation.

What is Mala and how to create Mala – Step by Step

     2. Take the beaded separator and string both ends of the cord into it.

     For your convenience, you can use a crochet hook or toothpick.

What is Mala and how to create Mala – Step by Step

  3. String both ends of the cord into the Dzi or any other bead. 

  4. Tie-down a few simple knots at each end of the string


What is Mala and how to create Mala – Step by Step

  5. Decorate the end of the Mala with other beads or any decoration you like  

What is Mala and how to create Mala – Step by Step

     Our Mala is ready!

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