The more you worry and fuss over something, the more likely you are to lose it. It does not matter whatever it is: a thing, job, money, relationship with someone.

 This is the law. You fuss over a thing - you will undoubtedly get dirty or split it. There always get broken exactly your favorite cups! And the stain will be left on the most expensive suit. At the age of 14 I went on a date wearing my best beautiful dress. I hooked on the bench during the first kiss and then covered a hole with my hand the whole evening. I had to throw it away. 

And the fear of losing something or spoiling ruins everything immediately. You lose the job because of which you didn’t sleep nights, since you were worried. And you ruin precisely those relationships that you were so much afraid of spoiling. 

Take it easy, be easy. Do not stick to something and cling, don’t be too afraid to lose or stain.

Usually, the one doesn’t lose, whose attitude to everything is simpler; who acts confidently and boldly, and doesn’t shake with fear.

 This fear of losing something spoils everything. And it prevents us from enjoying what we have. Whether it is a favorite dress, an expensive car, a great job or a relationship with a loved one.

smiling people

 Fear makes us clumsy and awkward, forces us to make mistakes or constantly check everything and annoy with questions: do you love me? You will not fire me? And our sandwich is falling butter down on the chief’s wig, over which he also fussed over and thought that we didn’t know that he has a bald head! Fear of loss generates loss.

 Fear of defeat is defeat. 

You just have to be happy with that what you have. 

Once I bought a Buddha statue that kept his eyes and ears closed. Every morning I come up to him and have a friendly chat. And every morning he says to me: "I do not see evil, I do not hear evil and do not say anything about it. I am protected from it." 

This may seem ridiculous, and wrong. But you have to agree, there is something in this. When you are not burdened with bad thoughts, and do not waste energy on various useless things, you are more calm and balanced. Your decisions and actions are conscious. The voice of your intuition is much louder. 

And a piece of advice - do not cling to something what you really want. Let go, and IT will come to you. And it won’t just come, but will come wrapped in a beautiful wrapping paper of bright colors.

happy woman

 Be happy!