The energy center, located at the top of the head, has a special place in human life. The seventh chakra is a connection with the cosmos, the Universe and God. He gives us spiritual enlightenment and understanding of everything, that happens in the surrounding world. It is not easy to activate it. 

The Crown chakra is the second name for the Sahasrara. Streams of upward and downward energy pass through it. There is also a connection between the lower centers of man and the divine level. The center where the Sahasrara is located is depicted as a rainbow or halo shining surround a person's head. 

7th chakra

It is associated with purple color, and refers to the element of light. Located at the top of the head, it serves as a bridge to space. This chakra acts as the center of our spirit, intuition, wisdom, consciousness and connection with inner and higher forces. 

The powerful Sahasrara endows a person with the following qualities: 

  • the ability to see the divine first, and then the material;
  • a deep sense of unity with all living things and inanimate objects; 
  • unlimited bliss and unconditional love for the world;
  • vision of the meaning of what is happening 
  • the desire to give to the world, not receive. 

A person who has awakened this energy center receives knowledge that is hidden from people, who have a weak seventh chakra. It is then that the people begin to show talents, brilliant thoughts and ideas come, answers to the most difficult questions appear. All geniuses have a strong Sahasrara chakra in one way or another. 

Blocked crown chakra 


We feel disconnected from the universe around and within us. 

We believe that we are alone and separate from the whole. 

We struggle to connect with our soul, spirit and our higher self, because we are not   receiving the vitality and opportunities, that the universe wants to send us. 

We lack hope and we find spirituality strange. It is difficult for us to believe in the spirit. We reject any spiritual information and any ideas or beliefs that do not match our own. We assume that our way is the only one, and we get stuck on it. 

We reject our spiritual nature. 

Meditation can help balance the crown chakra. Meditation will open your crown chakra and align it, making you see things. With the help of meditation, thoughts come to a state of calm, helping not only to relax, but also to reveal supernatural abilities: intuition, clairvoyance, ability to heal other people and much more.  

 Meditation Ways: 

  • Visualize a bright white or purple flame extending beyond our head with closed eyes. In this way, you can connect to the divine energy. To energize yourself while meditating, sit under a light source or a candle, visualizing and observing your inner state with your third eye. 

meditation near the fire

  • Yoga is also one of the ways to open the crown chakra. Exercise activates many subtle channels in the human body, directing energy to the central channel, along which the chakras are located.

purple yoga

  • Mandala is a special image that helps to feel the magical effect of a certain energy. In the Sanskrit translation the name of the seventh energy center means "lotus flower". The mandala is also an image of a lotus with a thousand petals. With the help of it, you can harmonize energy, achieve your goals, develop abilities. Contemplation of the mandala helps us to tune our energy to energy of the 7th chakra. Its vibration frequency corresponds to violet light. 


  • Meditate in the bath to music and visualize your heart expanding in bright green light. Take the best shower of your life every single day - the kind of shower that makes you rush to jot down creative ideas before you forget.

Meditation in the bath

  • Try motion meditation. As you dance up and down and side to side in slow motion, you use your creative sacred energy to help you make your dreams come true. Make your heart happy by listening to your favorite song of all time, which lights you up and makes you dance like no one is watching.

Meditate in the dance

  • Walk barefoot on the ground. The crown chakra interacts closely with the root chakra, because these are the two chakras, that bring in and out energy. When one is blocked, the other struggles to function. Walking on the ground and connecting to the earth, help us to rid ourselves of toxic and negative energies, transforming them into love energy to the world. 

Walk barefoot on the ground

  • Clear your mind and change your thoughts. A healthy crown chakra clears the head. When your mind is unclear and you are bombarded with negative thoughts, your soul and body is heavy. When you think of something negative, try to immediately think of something good. Meditation is a practice that can open every chakra in the body if you use it for your intention. It's like a prayer. Everything is getting better. 


  • Try Reiki practice to open and strengthen the crown chakra. Reiki is a useful energy healing technique for unlocking blocks in the energy system. Your healer can check your body where the energy is stuck. They can use crystals to heal your chakra energy system. You can heal yourself because you are a strong spiritual being, but if you cannot do it, just ask for advice. 


  • Do what you like to strengthen your crown chakra. 

The amulets for the Sahasrara are gemstones of purple and white color. As you know, the seventh chakra has absorbed the best features from all other chakras, so it is compatible with many gemstones that are favorable to other chakras.

chakra stones

Purple - amethyst, charoite, fluorite 

                Amethyst, when interacting with the crown chakra,

                provides a person with  health and longevity, 

                successfully copes with infectious diseases. 

White - pearls, rock crystal, zircon, topaz, ulexite, diamond 

Gold - topaz, citrine, amber, selenite 

chakra stones-02


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