Muladhara (also called Kundalini or Root or Base Chakra) is located below all the chakras, at the very base of the spinal column.

the first chakra

Translated from Sanskrit as root, base, foundation, support.

The color of this chakra is bright red.

red color of root chakra

Through the first chakra, the energy of the Earth enters the human body and moves upward, passing through the other six chakras. This chakra is basic.

Muladhara, is associated with the main instincts and needs of a person: self-preservation, health, food, housing, physical existence, safety and reproduction of offspring. 

The main function of the Muladhara chakra is considered to be the preservation of life and the ability to survive in any conditions.

It preserves life and maintains the ability to survive in all circumstances and contains a self-defense mechanism.

Since the chakra is located below the rest, the condition of the legs, lower back (spine) and genitals, as well as the reproductive system, kidneys and adrenal glands, depends on its normal functioning.

Spiritual development of a person is an important aspect of the work of this chakra. The energy flowing through Muladhara moves upward. And accordingly, the more spiritually developed a person is, the more energy he needs.

If a person is at a low level of spiritual development, then a small amount of energy that he receives from the chakra is spent only on self-preservation and survival.

Normal Muladhara chakra state

harmonious people

If the chakra is harmonious, it freely allows large streams of vital energy into the body. At the same time, a person feels healthy, active, courageous and self-confident, his life is accompanied by well-being and the feeling that “everything is fine”.

Balanced Muladhara chakra makes a person pure and innocent. At the same time, he feels confident, he is accompanied by good luck in business, he stands firmly on the ground. It is difficult for people with healthy Muladhara chakra to be pissed off and manipulated. Activity, curiosity, hard working - these are their typical signs.

Disturbed state of the Muladhara chakra

angry people

If there are blocks and clamps in the area of ​​this chakra, then the energy enters the body with difficulty. 

In this case, the person is full of fears, doubts and anxieties, feels lonely and unprotected. Such people tend to be insecure, do not feel responsible for their lives, selfish and stressed. In addition, people with a blocked Muladhara chakra often suffer from diseases of the internal organs located in the area of ​​this chakra, or are injured in the lower parts of the body.

Harmonization of Muladhara chakra

In order for the chakra to come into balance, it is necessary to find a sense of belonging, which comes in a harmonious relationship, this is friendship and love. 

  • Do sports and douse yourself with cold water.

do sport

  • Practice Kundalini Yoga.

kundalini yoga

  • Physical work - to work in the garden or in the field.


  • Cleaning


  • Walking


  • walk barefoot

walk barefoot

  • Surround yourself with red objects

red chair

  • Eat red foods

red foods

  • Draw a mandala

red mandala

  • And, of course, meditate a lot.


Chakra healing can be traced by the feeling of a surge of energy, good resistance to diseases, vigor, joy and good mood.

Crystals and stones for Muladhara chakra

red stone for root chakra

All red stones: Aventurine, Bullseye, Garnet, Calcite, Carnelian, Coral, Rhodochrosite, Ruby, Agate, Jasper.

All black stones: jet, hematite, lava, morion, obsidian, onyx (black and white agate), black agate, black jade, black jasper, sherl (black tourmaline), spinel, shungite, Heliotrope, Bloodstone, smoky quartz, Cacholong, quartz, petrified wood, heliotis

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