Manipura is a yellow chakra, which is located in the solar plexus area. 

yellow chakra

This chakra is located at the level of the abdomen (from the navel to the solar plexus), it is responsible for the manifestation of will, power of action, internal fire.

The main manifestation of the activity of the third chakra is the manifestation of authority, influencing others, realization in the world. 

The third chakra is responsible for optimism, willpower, one's own "I", the importance of oneself in the world, concentration, the ability to show perseverance, to achieve goals. The functioning of this chakra determines the recognition of our true desires and goals, the social status and success of a person, his career, financial achievements, influence and power. 

Normal state of the Manipura chakra 

normal yellow chakra

Functioning harmoniously and harmoniously, the third chakra endows a person with optimism, self-esteem, confidence in their strengths and capabilities.

yellow chakra

Such people are stubborn and impetuous, they believe in achievements and the final goal towards which they are moving. Basically, people with a harmoniously developed third chakra are successful, prosperous in all spheres of life, smiling and charismatic. 

Disturbed state of the Manipura chakra  


If there are violations in the area of ​​the third chakra, this is reflected in a person's life in this way: 

  • financial difficulties appear, shyness and indecision; 
  • conflicts at work begin; 
  • a person becomes overly demanding of other people, aggressive, insecure and angry. He strives to be the first, humiliates and suppresses others; 
  • there is a desire to criticize and discuss; 
  • people are dominated by pickiness, anxiety and unhealthy workaholism. 
  • a blocked third chakra causes weakness in the body, digestion and liver problems, nausea and dizziness.

How to harmonize the Manipura chakra 

yellow chakra

To return the work of the Third Chakra to normal, a person must determine his true values and needs, develop self-confidence, stop seeing in others and the world as a threat to his life. 

To do this, people must learn to express their desires, feelings and emotions, and, if necessary, be able to say "no". 

To be responsible for their lives and their own choices. 

There are stones to help cleanse and balance the third chakra: 

yellow chakra

citrine, amber, tiger's eye, pyrite, heliodor, gold (honey) calcite, golden topaz, yellow jade, gold quartz, yellow tourmaline (dravite), marble (yellow) onyx, chrysolite (olivine, peridot) carnelian, agate, beryl, calcite, chrysolite, silinite, rhodonite, heliodor.