Want to try your hands with patchwork? Isn't that a challenge to break????? 

Let’s take out this personality of yours to do some crafting,  Let’s create a new patchwork headband.

I will lead you to step by step throughout the whole process. 

All you need are 2 old shirts or any other 2 kinds of fabrics that you don't use, it is time to pool them out of your wardrobe and turn them into a new piece to wear.  

Materials and Tools  

  • 2 pieces of different fabrics in different colors
  • Jersey for the lining 
  • Bias binding 1m
  • Rubber 11cm length x 2.5 cm width
  • Scissors
  • Ruler
  • Safety pins
  • Fabric marker or a pencil
  • A sewing needle
  • A sewing thread
  • A sewing machine   

 Work Stage 

Cut 6 squares from different fabrics, 3 squares in one color and 3 squares in another color, sizes: 


patchwork headband

Fold 2 squares of different colors facing each other

Draw a line between the 2 opposite corners:  

patchwork headband

 Stick pins in 2 opposite corners.  

patchwork headband-01

Measure your sewing machine feet size from both sides of the drawn line and sew 2 stitches along the line:    

patchwork headband-02

patchwork headband-03

Cut exactly along the line and get 2 identical triangles  

patchwork headband-04

patchwork headband-05

Open each triangle, you get 6 squares combined from 2 different colored triangles

Arrange these squares in the way you like and sew them together 

Did you get long strip? This is your headband front side. The length equal to your head circumference minus 10 cm (for the rubber) plus 2 cm (some extra for sewing the edges)  

patchwork headband-=6

Prepare the lining it should be the same size as the strip prepared before.  

patchwork headband-06

Fold the strip and the lining facing each other 

Sew both strip and lining on both sides with bias binding. 

patchwork headband-07

patchwork headband-08

Prepare the rubber 11cm, cut the jersey fabrics 20 cm(length) x 15 cm (width)

Fold this piece in half, stitch with sewing machine and turn inside out. We get long pocket. 

Push the rubber into this pocket by using the safety pin 

Sew the pocket edges with sewing machine 

patchwork headband-09

Put the rubber on the middle of headband front side :

patchwork headband-10


Fold the headband on the rubber from 2 sides and sew the headband ends  With the sewing machine.  

patchwork headband-11

Do the same from other side:

patchwork headband-12

patchwork headband-13

Turn the rubber inside out and straightened both sides:   

patchwork headband-14

That’s it! The Patchwork headband is ready! You can feel proud of yourselves!   

patchwork headband-15

I have created few headbands in different colors. 

There is no limits for the fantasy.  

patchwork headband-16