If the chakra is not supplied with enough energy, it always leads to physiological and psychological problems.

The energy balance in the body is disturbed, general malaise is felt, diseases appear. Such an unhealthy condition helps to remove healing stones, which are created by nature and are charged with a certain energy. 

During the cleansing of the chakras, the stones radiate their energy through vibrations and take on all negative phenomena.  

By placing a precious or semi-precious stone at the active point of human energy (chakra), the energy field begins to change under the influence of the stone field. Direct contact of a person with a stone allows to change the vibrations of cells and energy fields.


Meditation is the deepest form of communication with a stone. During a meditation use the stones of the main chakra. The easiest way is to hold the stone in your palms in front of a specific chakra. Meditation time is no more than 15-20 minutes.

It is a gentle, harmonizing and safe chakra management technique that you can practice alone. 

Remember: stones are a powerful source of energy. The process of crystal birth takes centuries and requires a huge expenditure of energy. All this power helps to heal the energy centers of a person, to restore their correct work. 

energy stones

The heart chakra is the base of the foundation. The heart chakra is located in the center of the chest. To be anatomically accurate, it is located in the region of the thymus gland, which plays a vital role in the functioning of our endocrine and lymphatic systems, lungs and chest.  

This chakra is responsible for love and forgiveness. It is believed that when your heart chakra is balanced, the energy of love and compassion flows freely through the body. 

The energy of this chakra resonates under the influence of the green color.   

This chakra governs the upper spine, chest, shoulders, arms, lungs, and all physical and emotional aspects of the heart. Through this center, a person experiences self-love and unconditional love for others. This gives us the opportunity to experience unity with all living things - people, nature, animals,  minerals, the universe and God. From this center comes personal strength, confidence and faith.

Healing also starts from this center, as it is directly connected to the two secondary chakras located on the palms.  

How to work with stones:  

Before you start working with a chakra stone, you need to properly prepare for contemplation. Place the stone opposite at the level of the chakra you want to activate. Close your eyes and immerse yourself in a relaxed meditative state. 

meditation with crystal

You need to focus on your own breathing. You need to breathe with the help of the abdominal muscles. After the feeling of complete rest and relaxation comes, you can start working with the stone. Slowly open your eyes and look at the stone steadily for 10-15 minutes. 

Defocus your eyes. Don't focus on small details. Try to absorb the energy of the stone. As a result of meditation and opening the chakra, flows of subtle energies are released. The restored balance normalizes the work of the psyche, which positively affects the construction of serious love relationships. 

Harmonious work of the heart chakra 

Harmonious work of the heart chakra

If the Heart Chakra is open and works harmoniously, a person can feel unconditional divine love already at this level - this means loving in the name of love and not expecting anything. A person becomes open, sensual, socially responsible, proactive, strives to transform the world for the better, believes in himself, perceives Creation as a part of Divine love.

The active Heart Chakra helps to perceive the beauty of works of art and other creations as brightly and fully as possible, gives the deepest sense of joy of life and sympathy for the suffering, frees from conventions and vain expectations, gives openness and heartfelt disposition to others. 

Physical level - the harmoniously working 4th chakra has a positive effect on the functioning of the cardiovascular system, chest, spine.  

Inharmonious work of the heart chakra 

Inharmonious work of the heart chakra

If the heart chakra is blocked, the person loses the sense of justice. His feelings are superficial, since spiritual wounds prevent him from finding love in himself. Such people cannot give love and do not know how to accept it.

Due to the improper functioning of the Heart Chakra, a person becomes indifferent, withdrawn, painfully jealous, obsessed with the fear of losing a person. On a spiritual level, a blockage of the Heart Chakra is expressed in the form of persistent problems in relationships, in a sense of loneliness, intolerance and heartlessness. 

Physical level - the closed 4th chakra causes heart and blood diseases, lung diseases, allergies, asthma, colds and skin diseases. 

  How to improve the work of the heart chakra?

wear green

  • do charity work. Learn compassion, help those who need it most. This is a great "workout" for unconditional love; 
  • meditate. Internal discipline helps to establish a stronger connection with the inner "I" and, as a result to harmonize the chakras;
  • use sandalwood and rose oils; 
  • listen to the sounds of the harp and flute; 
  • eat more green vegetables and fruits; 
  • wear green and pink clothes. Or surround yourself with things of these shades;
  • place rose quartz or aventurine in the chest area; 
  • avoid being sarcastic about others; 
  • forgive others and do not be angry for a long time. 

  Crystals and stones for heart chakra

green stones for heart chakra

Green stones

Aventurine, moss agate, azuro-malachite, amazonite, beryl, verdelite (green tourmaline), heliotrope, diopside, dioptase, jade, emerald, green calcite, malachite, nephrite, prasem, fluorite, chrysolite, chrysocolla. 

Pink stones: Agate, calcite, pink coral, morganite (pink beryl), rhodonite, rhodochrosite, rose quartz, rubelite (pink tourmaline), light varieties of ruby. White stones: Agate, adularia, diamond, gyrasol, rock crystal, white calcite, quartz (smoky, milky), cacholong opal,  howlite, magnesite, selenite.

Multicolor stones: Watermelon tourmaline, unakite jasper, rainbow fluorite, chrysoberyl, eudialyte.   

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