Vishuddha is the throat chakra.

The name "Vishuddha" in translation from Sanskrit means "complete purity." 

This energy center is located in the region of the larynx and thyroid gland.

Vishuddha is responsible for creativity. Even if you think that you are not a creative person at all, you have the chakra of creativity!

throat chakra

Each person is a creator, because he was created likeness of the Creator.

It is enough to make some efforts for you to start discovering new abilities that you might not even have guessed about. Creativity helps a person express themselves and promotes the development of the right hemisphere, which is responsible for intuition. Creative activity in our time is necessary for every person, because it helps to relieve stress, calm the mind, relax and hear the voice of the heart. 

The Vishuddha Chakra is responsible for: 

fifth chakra

· correct presentation of your thoughts, feelings and emotions; 

· ability to communicate;

· find a common language with any person;

· easy to make compromises;

· defend your point of view;

· be able to take responsibility for yourself and others;

· beautiful speech; 

· constantly develop your personality. ⠀

 Poor development of the throat chakra is characterized as follows:

· depression;

· apathy; 

· touchiness, tearfulness;

· lack of ability to express one's thoughts; 

· stuttering; 

· emotional coldness; 

· anger;

· speaking too loud or too quiet.

Vishuddha is responsible for: ear, throat, nose, cervical spine, vocal cords, thyroid gland, teeth and jaw, the upper part of the lungs, arms and muscles. 

throat chakra

Methods for improving and harmonizing Vishuddha: 

  1. Throat chakra treatment with meditation
meditation for throat chakra


  1. Positive beliefs - In your daily mantras it is necessary to include the following phrase: “I easily get rid of all fears and negativity that prevent me telling the truth” or “I speak the truth with joy and love and allow my Higher Self to speak through me. I use words to create beauty in this world. "

  1. Try to sing - Singing is a fantastic way to clear your throat chakra, so start singing today in the shower, on your way to work, or in any other appropriate situation. 
singing woman

  1. Think about blue color - Think of a beautiful, bright blue light. Blue is the color of the throat chakra. Breathe in and think about blue light in the area of ​​your throat. Exhale your stress and tension.
thinking blue

  1. Guiding meditation - Using guiding meditation, you can also activate your fifth chakra. These meditations will help you attain the purity of Vishuddhi. There are many free YouTube videos and mp3 tracks to help beginners with meditation.

  1. Keep a diary - Self-expression on paper is one of the most important things you can do to free your inner self. It is the best way to to know yourself. 
Keep a diary


Crystals and stones for throat chakra

Blue stones: 

Azurite, aquamarine, amazonite, amethyst, belomorite, turquoise, blue lace agate (sapphirine), blue topaz, blue calcite, pearls, kyanite, kunzite, lapis lazuli, sapphire, blue tourmaline, blue stripe agate, sodalite, chrysocolla, cat's eye, moonstone, amber,coral, charoite, chalcedony.

blue stones for throat chakra


 You can buy The Vishuddha Chakra Mala beads here or here.