The second energy chakra is Svadhisthana. This chakra is responsible for pleasure, emotions, and taste in food.

the second chakra

It is located three fingers below the navel. Reproductive health depends on this energy center.

sacral chakra

The color of Svadhisthana is orange or bright yellow, it is the element of  water. All shades of this range are allowed, except dark and brown. Their appearance in the field indicates serious disruptions in the flow of energy.

The chakra is often called the sexual or sacral chakra. But this is not entirely accurate: Muladhara is also responsible for this area. And if the first one works fine, then the second one won't be a problem.

Muladhara controls the procreation instinct, the desire to leave offspring. Svadhisthana is responsible for intimate pleasure, libido and conception.

What Svadhisthana is responsible for:

  • taste and touch.
  • basic emotional feelings: anger, disgust, contempt, shame, grief or suffering, joy, guilt, surprise.
  • creativity. It is the development of this chakra that helps to reveal internal reserves, uniqueness, talents.
  • how a person manifests himself in this world. How he interacts with the other people and things around him. This chakra determines the spiritual qualities in relation to other people: compassion, kindness.

people in love

Svadhisthana is an indicator of the harmonious state of three components: consciousness, body and emotions.

The state of the second energy center depends on:

  • metabolism;
  • work of the endocrine system;
  • functioning of the genitourinary system;
  • all body fluids - blood, lymph, gastric juice and semen

sacral chakra

Blocking of Svadhisthana 

Blocks of this center can lead to:

  • physiological diseases and turn a person's character into an absolutely unbearable one.
  • leads to infertility, frigidity or impotence. 
  • provokes diseases of the pelvic organs, infertility, constipation, allergic reactions, trauma during childbirth.
  • a person is emotionally depressed.
  • inability to love and fear of relationships
  • resentment
  • feeling of inferiority

Also, often people with an unbalanced Svadhisthana deliberately suppress passion, sexual desires for fear of appearing licentious.

Incorrect work of the energy center shows negative character traits - stubbornness, excessive demands on loved ones, a feeling of anger or strong resentment in a relationship.

Another chakra blocker is complete denial of your guilt. Their thoughts: "I am so good, why did they do this to me?"

Balanced Svadhisthana gives feelings falling in love. But how can you achieve harmony?

Initially, you need to determine what you feel guilty about. The next step is to enjoy from this feeling.

For example, if a person was instilled with the think that sex is dirty, then you need to learn to relate to this physiological need adequately.

Or, for example, a girl eats a dessert and then reproaches herself for it, she is afraid of extra pounds, and begins to torture herself with diets and sports.

Learn to accept your needs without guilt. With the disharmony of the second energy center, any actions do not bring pleasure.

This explains the desire to satisfy basic needs more and more. 

Therefore, when you work with Svadhisthana, you need to develop a sense of satiety. When this happens, your Consciousness will independently move to a new level.

The humility also help forvdevelopment and harmony of the second chakra.  But this does not mean that you need to laxly accept any circumstances. Look at things and react to them appropriately.

Remember that Svadhisthana is a manifestation of talent and self-sufficiency. That is, through this chakra you show yourself, your character and way of thinking to the world. Show people your individuality and uniqueness.

The stones for Svadhisthana are:

orange chakra mala beads

  • moonstone 
  • apricot agate
  • aventurine
  • calcite
  • fire agate
  • fire opal
  • orange garnet
  • orange spinel
  • padparadscha (orange sapphire)
  • sardonyx
  • carnelian
  • sunstone
  • amber
  • tourmaline

sacral chakra

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