1.  Characteristics of carnelian
  2.  What does carnelian look like and what colors can it be
  3.  How to determine if natural or not 
  4.  Magical properties of carnelian 
  5.  The healing properties of the mineral 
  6.  Who according to the sign of the zodiac suits carnelian

 Characteristics of carnelian 

carnelian mala beads

Carnelian is known as the "June stone" or "stone of the sun." The volcanic activity gave life to the carnelian - this is one of the few chalcedonies that is found in solidified lava. According to geologists, the stone acquires its color on the surface of the earth, under the influence of the sun and air. 

From a chemical point of view, carnelian is silicon oxide. It is included in a large group of minerals with the common name chalcedony, so its chemical formula is no different from agate, chrysoprase, and onyx - SiO2. 

Quartz is considered the "ancestor" of carnelian, although, unlike the latter, carnelian is not a crystal. Chalcedony and quartz are mined in almost all parts of the globe, which cannot be said about carnelian. 

The red gem is found much less often than its "brothers". 

The most beautiful minerals are mined in India, the state of Gujarat. There are also several deposits in the USA and in Russia. 

Beautiful appearance, as well as excellent indicators of hardness and density, made it a favorite of many jewelers and stone cutters, so its scope is jewelry and figurines. 

Small carnelian inserts are often used as accents in fine bracelets, brooches, and other jewelry pieces.

 What does carnelian look like and what colors does it come in 

Of course, carnelian is not only a red gem. The range of its shades is quite wide and depends on the number of iron impurities. The palette of the mineral begins with a scarlet color and reaches calm honey tones. 

Some varieties even have their own names: 

  •  red and scarlet - carnelian; 
  •  yellow - linkuria; 
  •  brown - sarders. 

colors of carnelian

There are also samples with light patches. It can be cloudy stripes of white-yellow color or even spots. Such inclusions indicate the natural origin of the mineral since it is quite difficult to fake them. 

How to determine if carnelian is natural or not

 Although carnelian is not so expensive, scammers still do not miss the opportunity to make money on fakes and often replace the mineral with cheaper materials. So for a carnelian, they can give out: 

  •  Glass. To distinguish ordinary glass from natural stone, take a closer look at its brilliance. The gem has a waxy, slightly matte finish. If you see that the edges of the mineral shine with a glossy sheen, it is better to refuse to buy. 
  •  Plastic. It is easy to recognize such a fake. Natural stone is heavy and cool, scratch-resistant. With a piece of plastic, everything is exactly the opposite.
  •  Cheaper mineral. This imitation "by eye" is very difficult to distinguish. For example, South American agates are dyed with special solutions so that they acquire a rich red color. You can recognize a fake only if you split the gem. 

If the gem has too sharp transitions, for example from brown to white, then you have sardonyx.


 Of course, no one will let you scratch and split the mineral before buying it, and then it hardly makes sense, but you can always carefully examine the stone from all sides and support it in your hand. Take your time and study the stone well, perhaps this will save you from buying a fake!

 The magical properties of carnelian 


The magic of a mineral depends on its shade. A simple rule applies here: if richer color stronger stone. 

So, the most powerful stones are considered bright red carnelian. This variety will be especially useful for women and girls - it is responsible for feelings.

If you are afraid for your relationship, or family, or just want to attract the attention of a man, give him a bracelet with a carnelian. 

The mineral strengthens feelings and protects the object of love from love spells.

But yellowish stones - linkuria - are better for men. They will not only be a beacon for luck. But will also bring success in business. Such a mineral is useful for businessmen.  Beware of minerals with dark inclusions - they will attract evil forces.

Jewelry with a dark yellow gem will suit shy and secretive people. Such an amulet will help them overcome their complexes, gain self-confidence and become a very charming person.

 The healing properties of the mineral 


In the field of magic, the carnelian is not very strong, but it has more than enough healing properties. This is the mineral that will help literally in everything. The fact that it accelerates the healing of abscesses and wounds is confirmed even by official medicine. 

Surprisingly, there is still no scientific justification for the healing power of carnelian. The main hypothesis says that the whole thing is in a small amount of radioactive radiation because the mineral contains very little radium. For this reason, carnelian treatment is not recommended for people who already suffer from cancer or have a predisposition to it.

Basically, carnelian is used for treatment in such cases: 

  •  burns; 
  •  lacerated wounds; 
  •  abscesses; 
  •  inflammation; 
  •  suppuration.  

 Medicinal properties of carnelian 


Ancient Doctors noted that carnelian, among other things, can be useful in other situations: 

  •  with a toothache and for the preservation and strengthening of teeth; 
  •  with problems with the reproductive system; 
  •  to improve metabolic processes; 
  •  in diseases of the thyroid gland. 

For the treatment of carnelian, it is enough just to wear jewelry with it or apply the mineral to the sore spot. 

For example, to restore the normal functioning of the thyroid gland, it is desirable to wear red or brown carnelian beads made for a long period.

Remember, that the stone is not a panacea. It can only speed up the healing process, but it will never replace the work of doctors and medications.